Islamic Culture Program

The program introduces learners to the basics of Islamic culture and its universal values aimed at establishing the principles of moderation, temperance, and tolerance through studying of creed, prophetic tradition and transactions jurisdiction within curricula and studying levels prepared and developed in cooperation with specialized cadres. In order to enable learners to acquire considerable knowledge to employ in their dealings. The program includes lectures within various languages; notably Arabic, English, Russian, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, Amharic, Urdu and Sinhalese.


Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages Program

The service is a good opportunity to learn Arabic in the framework of a thoughtful approach prepared as a vista for new knowledge of Arabic meant for communication and close familiarity with Arabic and Islamic culture. Through a program focuses on language competency to help understanding respective skills starting from head start to advanced levels.


Qur’an teaching program

The program qualifies learners to acquaint with the kernel of Islamic culture through learning and understanding of the meanings of the Qur’an, along with its verses, reasons of sending down and respective virtues and rules as applied to worships and daily dealings out of moderate discourse promoting tolerance, compassion, dialogue and cooperation for goodness for humanity at large, based on knowledge acquisition and passing of upright values and guidance.

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